My son had become angry and violent, and I could not figure out why. It really upset me that he would not sit down and have a simple conversation with me about it. I began watching what he was doing often, and I noticed just how much time he spent on his phone. I was talking to a neighbor about it, and he said that Snapchat hacking is incredibly simple and he said I should look into learning how because it might help to give me some insight into what my teen son was up to.

Later that night, I decided to sit down and try to talk to my son again. I made two cups of hot chocolate, and I asked him to come to town with me at the kitchen table. He loves hot chocolate! He has been so moody that I feared that he would just go away, but he gratefully took the cup and sat down. He looked very sullen, though. I asked him how school was going. He said that he was doing okay at school and then nothing more. I told him that I loved him, but that I was also worried about him. He got up and walked away then.

The next day, I knew that my only choice was to try to take a look at his Snapchat program. I found the app that let me get into it and read his messages. It turned out that he was having some really tough fights with his girlfriend who was not treating him nicely. He was trying to keep it together from what I could tell. I was worried that he was doing something illegal or harmful, but he wasn’t. I knew then to just let him work through it. As long as he was safe, I was okay, too.

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